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The reason for writing this blog is to partner with you on your health journey and leave you with some food for thought.
I trust it will add value to your life and give some wisdom in health matters.

Be health wise

The greatest wealth is health

As a child, I grew up in a very loving family, and we were looked after really well. However, my mother became ill in her early thirties after having our fourth sibling.
I do not know the ins and outs of her health gradually deteriorating, but as a family we knew she had diabetes, switching between high and low blood pressure, TB, poor eyesight, mental health challenges and so forth. The quality of her life was never the same. It just went downhill from there. However, as a loving mom, she brought up the children as any good mom would do despite her health issues. She lived until 66.
I always loved my mom and I still do.

Growing up in the bustling city of Mumbai in India as a lively, wiry young teenager, I began to experience health issues. Regular headaches, mouth ulcers, abdomen pains, typhoid and several relapses. Moreover, I experienced the stress and anxiety of a growing teenager and into my twenties, I took pills for everything. In those days anyone could buy most medications without a prescription at the local chemist. In my mid or late thirties, the doctor prescribed me thyroxine for hypothyroidism and allopurinol for gout. I was on this medication for nearly twenty years. I became fearful of the slightest pains and aches and took pills for everything. I visited the local doctor for the smallest physical ailments.

Hay fever allergies and flu were annual unwelcome guests. Mouth ulcers and headaches were my painful closest friends. I suffered from joint pains in my fingers. Pain in my feet and heels – plantar fasciitis. With a family background of diabetes, I became a pre-diabetic that led me to develop cholesterol and blood pressure issues, stress, anxiety and depression. This continued well into my 40s and 50s. 

I was a hypochondriac and felt miserable about my life in general.

Health awakening


It dawned on me, that when I was born, I was a bouncy, healthy baby and up to a point grew up drinking mother’s milk gradually moving to eat freshly home-cooked foods.

As a teenager, my lifestyle changed, and I was regularly eating out with my friends in fast food restaurants. There were street food hawkers, all types of restaurants and low to high priced five-star Mumbai hotels.
I was attracted and absorbed into this lifestyle. My health was being affected as I explained earlier.

Health comes first

I wanted my body to be healed, so I began this journey.

I say this with joy and humility. I am knocking at the door of sixty and have been off all medications for the last two years. It is not advice, hint or a suggestion for you to stop taking your medication prescribed or non-prescribed. At this present stage I have no need to take medication. Old age is inevitable, and our bodies can become frail. However, we can still enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 
I am now living a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually.

Scientists are working on the genomes aiming to develop perfect healthy babies. Development of new organs and body parts from stem cells to replace the damaged organs and body parts is a scientific breakthrough. They are predicting that humans can live well into their hundreds. I marvel at the advancement of scientific development.

However, before you have access to futuristic scientific developments, you can have the choice and opportunity to improve your health in the present.
You alone are responsible for your health and wellbeing.


My sensible tips for maintaining good health

Regular exercise (physical, mental and spiritual).

I walk a lot and take the stairs even if there is an option to use elevators or escalators.
Mentally, I manage stressful situations intelligently without affecting my mental health.
Spiritually, I create time and space to reflect in quietness and meditation.


Healthy eating

You are what you eat

The proverbial saying is the notion, that to be fit and healthy, you need to eat good food. Your body and brain need nutritional food. I am not a dietician or a nutritionist. However, over the years I have gained a broad knowledge on a variety of foods and ingredients. I have designed my relationship with food that works best for my health. I cook fresh meals every day and minimise any fast foods. You know that fast food feeds the hunger quickly, it is convenient but it can be highly addictive because of the high salt, sugar and fat content.

A good night sleep

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.


I go to bed early and wake up early. My body only needs 4 to 6 hours of sleep and I feel refreshed. Whenever possible I take power naps.
Excellent quality of sleep is crucial to staying healthy.

Eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety


I believe that stress and anxiety are significant contributors to poor health. Do not worry about things that are out of your control, you will never change them. Talk to family and friends who genuinely care about your wellbeing.

Read my blog on Stress Solutions.
Seek professional help if necessary.


If you would like to improve your health and wellbeing, I would be happy to work with on your journey.

Why not book a free no obligation discovery session with me?

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6 Responses

    1. Thank you for your comment. Eating more pills is bad for health?
      I believe everything you do without moderation is bad.
      Eating more pills for no reason will not help. All medicines are chemicals and have side effects.
      It is crucial to read the instructions before taking any pills. If the doctor prescribes, he or she will advise you accordingly.
      I hope this helps.

  1. I grown up in a small traditional village family in China, my parents never experienced modern city life, since I moved out, every time talk to my parents they always stars or finished the conversation with “ eat will, sleep well, look after your health first then you can do other things better.” It sounds so simple but not everybody can understand it or practice it every day. I am the lucky one. As long as I sleep well and prepare healthy food for my lunch at work I can perform the best for the day.

    1. YUQIN, thank you for your comments.
      Yes often the answers are simpler to our problems and the complexity we create around it.
      A common sense approach is all it takes to start a healthy journey.

      Eat sensibly
      Exercise moderately
      Rest well
      Stress deal with it wisely.

  2. You have explained it very well on living a healthy and balanced life in just brief paragraphs. Your experience shows that one cannot take it as a death sentence, of their health, if it is detorriating. There is always a change that one can make and those small changes can renew one’s life into a healthy lifestyle! 😊

    1. Thank you Nivesh for your comments.
      Often one can find simple solutions to complex situations that one creates for themselves.
      Easier said than done.
      But the first step is to decide whether a person really wants to change?