The Silent Coach. A tribute to my dad on Father’s Day

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My dad, James Andrew was a dynamic and inspiring person. I only realised this after his death 18 years ago.

A five feet tall man from India who travelled to over eighty countries since 1966. The first ten years were even without an official passport, so that was a miracle in itself!
The Indian government then gave him a temporary travel card. At times he did not have enough money for his plane tickets, sometimes no visa. He went to countries where no one knew him but he never experienced abandonment. He faced challenges in some countries and he was even put in prison for preaching the gospel but then freed. His faith was strong and someone always stepped in to help him. He was fearless, only because he trusted not in his own abilities, but the God he believed in.

Some people called him an Energy Ball.

IMG 0831 e1528143243263He wasn’t highly educated and spoke only basic English. In fact, he lived on the streets of Calcutta. He was an inspiring communicator. He spoke on TV, radio, in auditoriums and churches to thousands of people across the world. His focus was to fulfil his purpose in life. That was to preach the good news about his faith in God. People were drawn to him because of his simplicity.

So, when I said faith, I literally mean by his faith in God. Even to this day, people who know him across the world love, respect him and talk about his unparalleled mindset. To this day we get praised for being his children.

My Silent Coach

When I hit rock bottom about 10 years ago, because of my foolish mistakes, I began to think more about my dad. I began to reflect on the things he used to say to me.
He has now become my silent coach. The reason I call him a silent coach is because he still continues to speak to me without words. He has left a powerful impression on my life that motivates and inspires me to help others.

He lived by powerful principles. He always said…

  •  Speak the truth and the truth will set you free. Even if you are judged, you will be judged on the truth.
  •  Do not pursue materialistic things. They do give pleasure, but the satisfaction is short lived. That vacuum never fills. Fill your life with good values and principles on which you can build strong foundations for your life.
  •  Work with integrity and people will begin to trust you.
  •  Learn to be content and grateful for all the things you have. Count your blessings each day and you will be surprised how much you have.
  •  Be kind and generous to people who are in need. You will only reap what you sow. Walk in humility but be strong and stand up and speak for what is right.
  •  Be careful about whom and what you let yourself be influenced by. Guard your life against negative influences.

 There are many more principles that I have not mentioned but they are embedded in my soul. I am completely restored from those dark days and now live a very content, healthy and fulfilled life. It took me seven years to learn and understand and put those principles into practice.

IMG 5487What I mean by a silent coach is that we can learn from other people’s lives. Our parents play a big part in our lives and it can have an impact. I continue to learn from my dad’s legacy and I want to help others to learn too.

No matter where you are in life right now and whatever your limitations are, then the next step that you take can change your direction. To start to receive coaching means that you have the desire to learn and develop. All the top athletes and successful people have coaches and mentors. Coaching and mentoring is for progressive thinkers.

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2 responses

  1. I love the title “ the silent coach “. It’s remarkable to see how we were raised and made a path for us to work in this world 🌎 by watching his way of life. Regardless, of our mistakes in life, we steered back to walking on that path of success that is being a God fearing good human beings. His small whispers and thoughts remind us that narrow way is the best way. Don’t take short cuts in life that lead you to disaster. Keeping our mind focus on good things and positivity one can accomplish much. He left us a legacy of tools to deal with life & a good name. Which is more precious than anything money could buy. Thank you for sharing this Bro!!! 😊

    1. Hey Nivesh, thank you for your comments. Coaching is a powerful intervention for me. It helps me to keep in check and accountability. His lifestyle and values are my guiding principles.