“The challenges that I faced were lack of confidence, difficulty in communicating with my clients and sourcing human resources. I was struggling to hold the Chinese cultural event, which was very important for my post-graduation qualification at Birmingham City University (BCU).

After my coaching and mentoring sessions with David, I felt encouraged, and with clarity, I knew what I needed to do, which helped me in organising the Chinese Cultural Event. The event was a success, and I qualified with a Master degree in The Event Management, scoring 68%.

I have known you for three years, during these years. I felt you are a warm-hearted person who devotes in helping others. You manage time efficiently, and that has influenced me a lot.

Of course, I would happily recommend you as an excellent coach and mentor. The reasons: because since I met you, you have encouraged me a lot and taught me how to balance work and home life. You helped me in developing a positive attitude. I think this is what most people want to achieve”. You also came to visit me in China. Thank you so much”.

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