“Before I knew David and started my coaching sessions with him, I lacked self-confidence; could easily be affected by people or things happened around; my mood was like the UK weather, any little thing would change my mood. Also, at work, I always focussed on myself. I felt that my manager and boss always wanted us to do more or even do things that were unnecessarily needed. I felt managers and bosses were sometimes not very clever.

I worked hard, wanted to earn more money, compare and compete with friends. No matter how much I was trying hard to better myself but did not feel satisfied or content.

When I began coaching sessions with David, my attitude and focus towards my life and my world is transformed. I focus more on what I can learn through doing my daily tasks and how it can help me to develop. I understand and appreciate my managers and boss and their efforts they put into their work.

With David’s positive attitude I began to feel motivated. He is a very positive person, confident, self- motivated, energetic, kind, generous, sensitive, caring.

I would definitely recommend David as a very good coach and mentor. Because of David’s coaching, I became a happy person. I also want others to experience this and live a better life”.

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