Even after being taught for many months by a licensed instructor from a well-known company, I could not pass my driving test. I dropped the classes and consulted a good friend. David Andrew was enthusiastic to help. He was kind enough to let me learn in his car! It was already miles better knowing that I could trust my new instructor.

David is calm, patient and very encouraging as a teacher. Not only is he very aware of the traffic rules (which helped both my theory and built confidence while on the road), but he was fully invested in my journey as a driver. It helped that we could chat while driving which provided a relaxing atmosphere; at the same time, he was very serious when giving feedback if I made any mistakes which could ultimately cause me to fail the test and to be a hazard to myself or other drivers and passengers.

On the driving test day, I drove David’s car, and he was seated in the back seat out of my rear-view mirror sight. The examiner in the front. I passed my test in my fourth attempt and my first try after being taught by David.

I am incredibly grateful to David and thoroughly recommend him not just as a driving coach, but as a life coach too”.

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