As a Chinese student doing my post graduate in Economics in Universtiy of Birmingham, initially, I couldn’t speak English with confidence, and I spoke always like an IELTS examinee. Since I met David asked David to coach me my listening and speaking skills improved fast.  We have listening and speaking training in English, in a very practical way. For example we stood up and had a face to face cconversations without barriers that improved my confidence in speaking English.

It is also worth mentioning that once in a while I also asked David questions via the app WE CHAT about life in the UK after the sessions he was very supportive. I felt like I had his support in between the coaching sessions.

He explained to me about the western culture which I was confused about. Apart from some basic traditional food and lifestyle in the UK. He also told me something I can hardly learn from others. For example, why they are many homeless people in this advanced country like the UK, how should I cope with fear towards someone who just drinks in the pub and what attitude should I have towards western culture. Finally, I realized no matter if I went to the pub or dancing club, the most important thing is to blend and assimilate with different cultures with an open mind.

Next, he gave me clear guidance about what my future goal is. And in order to achieve it, how to concentrate on my own studies with no distraction under the circumstances that coronavirus has overshadowed in the UK.

Overall, I was given loads of constructive recommendations about how to be a student that has the advanced capabilities to succeed in the future.

I would highly recommend my coach David to my friends who desire to improve and move forward in achieving their goals with confidence.

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