I had a very positive experience taking coaching sessions from David. As a working professional, a wife, a mother there came the point in my life in 2018 that I was utterly heartbroken. Initially, I faced problems in my business then had problems in my married life which broke me completely. I hit rock bottom in my life, then I met David, and my life transformed.

I started to see my problems positively than negative. I needed someone who I could talk to about my issues, and that person would not judge me with regards to religion, faith or anything else.

When I met David he listened to me very patiently; he asked me what I want to do with my marriage, I said: “David I want this to work, I don’t want to end my marriage of 8 yrs, I want to work on it, want to do all my best to save it”.

David helped me to overcome all the problems I was going through. One of the best things he taught me was I need to change the way I think, not to focus on the issues but focus on the solutions, sometimes problems are meant to come, but we need to focus on how we can deal with those problems through positive thinking.

I took three sessions with him, and it gave me so much positivity. The way I see my life is very different now, I managed to solve the problems I had in my married life. I can’t thank David enough for the help he has given me; he has brought me into the light from the darkness. David will always stay very close to my heart. A very big massive thank you to David and a highly recommended life coach.

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