“David, I really appreciated the discovery coaching session this evening. Helping me to see clearly the reality I am in now, and also, to help me to work out all the actions that I must do in order for me to get results and earn money.

You listened to the story about myself and about my family: Who I am? And Who are They? Where I come from? What I have been doing in the past? Where did I live, and also, what happened to me and to part of my family in Italy too? And finally, you have listened and understood how, and why, we got in that situation where we are all now.

I felt that you understood the Who, When, Where, What, and Why I am in this situation, and what has brought me here where I am now.

Also, it was very clear the way you have pointed out all the questions related to my situation I am in, and what: I can do? What I shall do? What I am going to do?  When I will start to do it?  For along I am going to do it per day? You asked me very thought-provoking questions and it gave a ‘food for thought”

Overall, I felt the discovery session was very beneficial to me. I feel that it gave me tools and knowledge to advance my career and so I can also achieve my dreams. Thank you so much!”       

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