Powerful & Timeless Principles

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My life is built on some powerful and timeless principles. They were planted when I was very young by my parents but it took time for these principles to become rooted and for me to realise their potential.
45 years later these principles are now weaved into my lifestyle and inseparable.

My principles

There are several but I will name just a few.

Above all seek wisdom and understanding which means do things when you have a deepened understanding about them.

Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. This principle is deeply embedded in my thinking. To me it means, avoid herd mentality. A mind is a powerful tool and it needs to develop to a higher level of thinking if you want to achieve your goals.

Find a purpose that you love to fulfil and stay focused. If you do not have a clear purpose it is easy to wander off into things that are not helpful.

If you want to fly like an eagle, do not hang around with turkeys. To me, this means who and what influences you the most?


Your principles

Now consider, what principles do you live your life by?

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