Mentoring or Coaching?

I am often asked what is the difference between mentoring and coaching. Strictly, coaching is empowering someone to enhance their particular skillset and is for a set period whereas mentoring shows students how to address and solve their own problems and is a lifetime skill once acquired.

Personally, I tend to use the two expressions quite loosely, as in my experience most people respond better to an approach where I am often both a mentor and coach. It just depends on the particular situation and the issues around it. Being flexible, open-minded and thinking outside the box is very helpful when we come to solving problems.

One of the many models I can use is the GROW model. This is made up of:

  • Goals.
  • Current Reality.
  • Options.
  • Will or Way Forward.

So if you think that you could gain from mentoring or coaching in life or business then why not come and enjoy a free Discovery Session with me?


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