Individual Coaching

Your mental wellbeing has such an effect on every part of your life. That is why it is vital to pay attention to it and look after it as you do your body with nourishment. 
Coaching can be the perfect remedy to checking in on your wellbeing. I know as I have experienced the benefits of it myself with it being the reason why I became a coach. I often found myself struggling with a work life balance and disliked the negative impact on my personal life. In my coaching role I work with those in professional roles who have stressful jobs or in high leadership positions and experience the same issues I faced. I help them work through both career aspirations and personal aspects of their life to achieve a better balance of life.

I took three sessions with David, and it gave me so much positivity. The way I see my life is very different now, I managed to solve the problems I had in my married life.

– Fiza Shamim,
Chartered Accountant

What will the coaching sessions involve?

Firstly, we will begin with a discovery session to discuss you, your life and explore the challenges you are currently facing. In the sessions to follow we will consider structured next steps to assess your development. My effective coaching works through a variety of successful models, for example a popular model called GROW. This can help structure your coaching sessions.
  • Goal Setting
  • Reality assessment
  • Options
  • Will or Way Forward
We will talk through these and apply tried and tested techniques to help you develop your inner person, making future challenges much easier to tackle.

How will the sessions be delivered?

My individual coaching sessions are flexible to suit your life commitments. I am happy to
facilitate face to face or online. I encourage a minimum of three sessions to ensure you get
the most from your coaching experience, spending quality time on your inner development.

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