Individual Coaching

My one-to-one coaching sessions are both dynamic and inspirational.

I can say this with confidence because my personal life experience has taught me valuable lessons over a number of years, from the mistakes I made, and the failures I experienced. When I look back, it was a big learning curve that could have easily derailed me. But more importantly the story is about how I managed to overcome those challenges and now living a victorious, content and wonderful life with my very supportive wife.
Sessions with me will help you avoid those pitfalls and perhaps several wasted years.

I have the experience and the expertise of working with people having a ‘midlife crisis‘ commonly associated with some form of mental health challenge. Adults and young people are equally susceptible to mental health issues.
Are you that person?

  • The first thing is to accept the problem and stop suffering in silence by masking it with some form of temporary disguise or sweeping it under the carpet.
  • The second thing is to start talking to someone who wants to listen without being judgemental.
  • The third thing is to work with someone you can trust and truly cares about you and will help you through that journey

Contact me today if you would like to talk. Having walked that path and having the scars to remind me what not to do, I believe I can help you on your journey in helping you develop your inner person.

Take a look at my testimonials to see how I have helped everyone I’ve worked with.

How do online coaching sessions work?


Online coaching sessions are similar to one-to-one sessions, using my dynamic, unique coaching style. With my very effective coaching model, we will be able to work through goal setting, exploring with your current realities, brainstorming best options and implementing agreed action points.

I would encourage a minimum of three online coaching sessions and review a possible additional three sessions. Sessions can run weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This can be assessed in the free Discovery Session.

To ensure a good online experience please be aware of the different time zones for different countries and the capabilities of your internet connection.

Why should you work with me?

Even though our life scenarios may have been different, the effects and the feelings experienced are probably much the same.

I can empathise with you.

You will begin to notice the difference after the first session and you will be taking that first step towards your goal. Each ninety-minute session is well planned, discussed and professionally and thoughtfully executed. You will have the options of my on-going support via email and telephone call after each session.

There is no small print in my coaching sessions, it is crystal clear. I value your time and money and we will work in partnership towards achieving the goal(s) you decide to set.

If you would like to begin talking about those issues, why not have a chat with me first and we can explore the options of how you can overcome those issues? If you would like to test-drive how I work first, then why not book in for a free discovery session with refreshments.

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