How to be content?

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This is a difficult question for anyone to answer. In fact, when we do try and answer this question, it tends to be on how one likes to feel rather than how one is feeling.

I would like to share how I became a very content person. Believe me, I am not daydreaming, I am actually living this life. My lovely wife and rest of my family are witnesses to my living. Family and friends who’ve known me for years have seen both sides of the coin of my life. The transformation began when I started to renew my thinking…

Choice and daily practice

Here is what I do every day…

  • I actually do not worry about anything at all. This is true because I’ve learnt over the years that worrying doesn’t solve anything. Instead, I seek help and find solutions. My focus is on finding solutions as in fact this is the common sense approach.
  • I do not invite stress in my thinking. By no means am I immune to any of this but I see problems and challenges as external sources. If it is my responsibility to deal with it than I deal with it, just as a doctor deals with a patient’s sickness. The doctor doesn’t accept sickness on him or herself. They treat it with medication or give sensible health advice. That is exactly how I deal with problems and challenges that I encounter. Dealing with them makes me more creative and then when I’ve dealt with them, I feel good and victorious. It gives a sense of achievement.
  • I have learnt to live within my means. I have deliberately minimised my desires for material things which I cannot really afford and for which the pleasure is short-lived anyway. I consider material things to be inanimate and realise they are unable to form a relationship with me. They are just things that I use when I want or need them. Material things do not miss me if I do not use them. Rather, I aim to build, improve and enjoy human relationships.

  • I am grateful and thankful for all the things that I already have. All my needs are met. For example, food, shelter and clothing and above all, maintaining good health and relationships.
  • The more thankful and grateful we are, we’ll notice Contentment will start to Grow.

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