Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions are powerful and influential. Working with others and realising that others who have similar needs can spark immense creativity working in a group.

To be effective and experience the maximum benefit of the one-day interactive session, I enrol a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 candidates. If you have a family member, friend or a colleague who can benefit from this one-day session, please feel free to enrol them along with you. (Coaching fee is based per person).

How does it work?

People have different needs.
I have designed a coaching programme that deals with three important elements, that every human being needs today, in modern day living. In fact, these needs have been the same for thousands of years. History is written around these three elements.

So, you may ask how does it work? I have formulated a coaching programme designed on these three important integrated elements:

  • Health – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
  • Wealth – plenty or not enough.
  • Relationships – Conflicts with personal life, family, work and animals.

If any of these elements are not balanced. It can have a negative impact. Sometimes even detrimental.

Triangle health wealth happiness

I implement a powerful, proven, effective model and a simple diagnostic tool, that I designed, called the Tree of Life for my coaching sessions.

The day session itself will be your first step towards setting you on your way, to achieving your goal, by exploring with your current realities, brainstorming options and creating action points.

With this as a foundation, it underpins any coaching needs for every individual in the group. With this approach, the whole group benefits together.

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