Group Coaching

Coaching delivered in groups can be extremely powerful and influential. Imagine how having the guidance of me as your coach and hearing other experiences can propel your development to the next level. Hearing how others have similar or varying challenges will spark creativity for all involved, creating a more in-depth understanding of problem solving. I strongly recommend these group sessions to my individual clients who have journeyed with me over a long time. Building on what they have learnt through group sessions will develop them even more.

Your Group Coaching Journey – Fundamental Needs for Positive Impact

What will the group coaching sessions involve?

The session takes place over one day as an interactive session. The group size will range from 4 – 12 candidates ensuring maximised engagement yet not overran by too many discussions. The coaching fee is per person as with my other coaching sessions.

I have developed a coaching programme that includes the fundamental needs for positive impact – these haven’t changed for human development for thousands of years. Basing the one day session on these elements will coach and develop those attending on how best to balance their lives and create positive impact.

How will the sessions be delivered?

The group sessions take place at designated times at a designated venue. Once enrolled a time schedule of the day and further details will be shared.
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