You have graduated and ready to launch, so to speak, into the corporate world where you will be presented with new and exciting choices and options such as:

  1. Do nothing!
  2. What job to take?
  3. Will I be able to stick it out with the job once I get it?
  4. Is it the right job for me or will I be just filling the gap to earn some money or until I get bored and quit?
  5. I’ll plough my way through and see how it goes?
  6. At the outset, I’ll ask a coach/mentor to guide me through the process towards reaching my goal.

6 questions to answer as you start your new journey.

  1. How to prepare a CV that will stand out?
  2. Will I get shortlisted for job applications?
  3. Will I be invited for an interview?
  4. Do I feel confident to give a great interview?
  5. Will I be successful in the interview?
  6. What do I need to know before launching into setting up a business?

These are simple but valid questions that require thoughtful, diligent answers and can set you on your journey as you enter into employment or entrepreneurship. 

However, there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of people similar to you, who will be on the same marathon run towards an identical job or starting the same business.  

So how can you get a competitive edge?

This is where a life coach can help with the answers.

Here is a scenario to reflect upon – I often find that life coaching and mentoring are like this situation.

You find yourself boarding a plane that takes off from the airport but doesn’t know the destination it’s heading towards. That pilot will be left with 2 choices.

Land it somewhere before it runs out of fuel
Keep on flying till the fuel runs out and then what?
Well, you don’t really want either of those choices, especially when you are a passenger on that plane.

picture of two planes about to collide by losing direction

Well here is your 3rd choice


Why not bounce your ideas off of me?
I have travelled the path and knowing the pitfalls to avoid, hurdles to jump and choosing the best possible path. I always say to my students 

‘You are in charge of your destination. 
You drive, I guide. 
Your effort, my support’

If you’re looking for a life coach in Birmingham then contact me today for a free Discovery Session with refreshments. This will certainly give you food for thought before launching into a new direction in your life.

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