The best way to find a job

Recalibrate your CV

PART 1 You are a graduate and eager to land the job you love and build a career. These are the five best steps you can take to find a job. The reality about the job market in the UK has significantly changed over the last decades. Companies are looking for the ‘crème de la […]

Don’t let stress stop you from moving forward from achieving your goals

How do you tell the difference between good stress and bad? The reason for writing another blog on stress is to address the acute problem many young people are experiencing. Having raised two sons, I understand the challenges they’ve been through. But now living a happy life. It was essential as a parent to provide […]

Body Image and Its Impact on Mental Health


You were always beautiful until someone told you otherwise. David Andrew Tweet What is beautiful and handsome? Your beauty is reflected through your behaviour. When your heart, mind and soul unite in harmony it reflects on your face. All the beauty evolves from within you. If you pause and reflect on this, you might begin […]

Wisdom in Relationships


Here is my third blog in a series of three about health, wealth and relationships.  You can read the first one about health matters here, and the second one about money and wealth here. There are two reasons for writing this blog: To share my thoughts on how I began to understand the meaning of […]

Wisdom in Wealth

wisdom in wealth

This is my second blog in  a series of three about health, wealth and relationships.  You can read the first one about health matters here. Managing wealth is a precarious balancing act With just a little time and effort you can make a big difference to your wallet Anonymous Tweet Financial conditions can suddenly become […]

Wisdom in Health

Wisdom in Health

The reason for writing this blog is to partner with you on your health journey and leave you with some food for thought.I trust it will add value to your life and give some wisdom in health matters. Be health wise The greatest wealth is health Virgil Tweet As a child, I grew up in […]

Simple Stress Solutions


Proviso This blog is aimed towards helping people who experience stress at various levels in their daily lives through a diversity of pressures, being either self-imposed or imposed by others. It is not for those who have acute or chronic psychological issues which require professional medical intervention. Stress is the word It is amazing to […]

Mental Health Issues at Work


Here is a podcast of an interview I just did with Brumpod, The UK Small Business Podcast. The podcast is on Spotify and their website is It’s also on radiopublic at the link here. The text version follows if you would rather read about it. On Spotify On Radio Tell us a bit about […]