About Me

I am a dynamic and inspirational Business and Life Coach based in Birmingham. 
I am also an ILM City & Guilds (Institute of Leadership Management) qualified Coach and Mentor.

Energetic, Optimistic, Inspiring, Positive, Motivated and even Wise is how some people describe me. By the way, this was not the description of me until seven years ago. I had little or no confidence, (in fact I had lost it all) low self-esteem and I felt my life was ridden with failures and inadequacies.

My story is backed up and underpinned with some powerful principles and influences from great people like my late dad James Andrew and many other great leaders. I reconstructed my life and changed my mindset. It took me seven years and this is a reflection of how far I’ve come.

However, I am cautious of how easily anyone is capable of making dreadful mistakes if you let your guard down. And who and what you allow yourself to be influenced by.

My background

What I bring with me is an immense life-long experience working in a business environment in the public sector in print buying, advertising and marketing.

My passion for golf inspired me to create my own golfing brand that enabled me to travel to China several times and many other countries. The excitement of that entrepreneurial journey radically changed my life. It taught me hard- hitting lessons of the mistakes never to make both in business and personal life. Taking calculated risks – yes, but ignorance, ill-advised mistakes, guesswork, lack-lustre and lack of motivation no.

Perhaps, these hard-hitting lessons are not learnt in universities. (Academically, in my early years I wasn’t very enthusiastic). However, having a university degree or some level of academic qualifications in a business application could be advantageous in taking those first steps.
Experience comes through fieldwork.

Why did I become a coach and mentor?

The simple answer…
Five years ago, I did not realise that I was even coaching or mentoring. I was just talking to people on plane, trains and automobiles. I enjoy meeting and talking with people. However, when they started commenting and I quote…

  • Thank you that was very helpful.
  • I really appreciate you spending time with me.
  • That’s insightful.
  • The way you helped me to think is really awesome.
  • You certainly know how to inspire and motivate people.
  • Are you a mind-doctor, philosopher, teacher?

and so on…

By the way, I do not have any qualifications in psychology or philosophy, but yes, I am a qualified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher.
Coach and Mentor is the title I acquired through qualifications.

I attended coaching seminars and workshops and spent several hundred hours developing my coaching skills by self-studying and using the many resources available to me. This huge amount of learning has enabled me to build a solid structure and framework around my coaching programme. Most importantly, every day, I focus on maintaining a positive mindset and attitude. It’s a work in progress and I am habitually working towards making it better and taking it to the next level.

Taking an early retirement from a modest paid public sector job and choosing to coach as a profession, I have thrown myself bang in the middle of an existing crowded market. The reason, purely because this is exactly what I want to do… I have a purpose! I love helping people and I am accessible.

My expertise lies in coaching those who feel stuck in any situation in their lives. This varies from personal, business, choosing a career or just needing motivational guidance. My coaching style is unique because I can relate to people in many ways. I have gone through many challenges, even hitting rock-bottom and so can empathise with people in a similar situation, looking for advice.

I coach by example and now live a lifestyle of being content, healthy, peaceful, and financially debt free.
I focus on the underlying issues relating to the problems that people face – Health, Wealth and Relationships. These are the underlying issues because they underpin human existence no matter how you look at it.

You drive, I guide! Your effort, my support!

  • Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.
    Mother Teresa.
  • Dynamic coaching can help you develop a phenomenal mindset.
    David Andrew

Contact David now, for a free Discovery Session which could be your First Step in unlocking those barriers of your mind.

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