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This week I was invited to on a radio breakfast show on Solihull Radio to talk about my coaching and mentoring work. It was an excellent opportunity for many people across the Midlands and worldwide listeners on the internet to hear about the real ‘me’.
I felt privileged.

The interviewer, Natalie Waterson asked me the following questions about my business on a ten-minute interview slot. 

Perhaps some of these are the questions you might want to ask me too?

At the bottom of the blog post I have included a link to the Podcast if you would like to listen to it instead. My interview with Natalie starts at the 60.42 minute mark of the recording .


My background storyline


When did you first become a coach?

I became a professional coach five years ago mentoring and coaching clients in Birmingham, China, USA, and India.

How did I get into coaching?

I got into mentoring and coaching accidentally, by simply helping people to get over the hurdles they felt they couldn’t overcome.
I did not realise then that I was actually mentoring or coaching them, until one day at my workplace, someone said, ‘David do you know that you are mentoring and coaching people?’

My skills and experience?

I have a strong business background in sales, marketing, print commissioning, and advertising working in Birmingham City Council for several years.

Who are my clients?

So far, my clients have been university graduates both in the UK and China. I have also coached business people and ordinary people who needed my help.

Why do I mentor in prisons?

As a volunteer mentor in an adult and juvenile offending prisons, I find this opportunity extremely rewarding. I believe everyone needs a second chance.
I work on helping them change their mindsets to break the vicious cycle of committing an offence, getting locked up, being released and then committing further crimes.
As Albert Einstein put it “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things yet expecting different results.”
That’s so true! Hence, I am helping the prisoners to realise that there are many other options they can choose to better their lives for themselves and their families.

The difference between coaching and mentoring?

There is a clear difference between coaching and mentoring. Coaching is about achieving a specific goal or goals within a timeframe.
Mentoring is helping them along in their journey empowering them to improve their skills and talents in achieving their goals that measure up in advancing in their mindset, skills, and behaviours.

Are people sceptical about coaching?

Scepticism is good. However, it is equally important to know why you are sceptical. Scepticism enables you to think more broadly and explore options that work best for you.

Does coaching and mentoring work?

The answer depends on your participation in the journey of achieving your goals. My experience has proved that coaching and mentoring works for those who are progressive in their thinking and who are serious about attaining their goals.

Are my services affordable?

Yes, I believe my services are very affordable. I have priced myself very competitively in the market, and provide excellent value to my clients, for their investment in their own personal development.


Listen to the podcast now

David's interview starts at 60:42 mins...

How can people get in touch with me?

People can reach out to me by visiting my website, phone or by connecting with me on social media platforms.

Your next steps

It is rather crucial for anyone reading this blog to ask themselves:
 ‘Am I a progressive thinker? Moreover, I want to move forward to where I want to go’.

The other side of your brain may say, Really? So, first you should stop and ask yourself which is your perosnal response to that question –

1. I am going to make a quality decision in taking my game to the next level by acting now.
2. I will do it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or perhaps never.

If you have decided on number one (to act now), then I would be happy to take you on board a journey and empower you to accelerate your game to that next level.

Book your free discovery session now to explore your options or employ my speed coaching to get rapid results.

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2 Responses

  1. I personally feel, you can help all those people who desire to see a specific change in their lives. This is irrespective of being progressive thinker or not! Everyone wants to progress in their lives and seek to find that fulfillment in what they require out of their personal lives and set goals. However, there are those who do not want to see any change and comfortable in their current life can also still seek to learn something new. So they can impact others and offer something new to their community besides their old self. 😊 There is never a expense when one wants to improve themselves. It’s always a investment to be better you! 😊

    1. Thank you Nivesh for your comments.
      Help is available to everyone who want to see a difference in their life.
      As a coach my help is extended to everyone.
      According to
      Johann Wolfgang Van Goeth
      ”Knowing is not enough: we must apply
      Willing is not enough: we must do”