6 Steps to Pass Your Driving Test

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You Drive, I Guide

This blog is not about giving you actual driving lessons or instructing you how to drive a car. Rather, it is about how coaching can change your mindset and approach to tasks, that you actually are already proficient and skilled in.

The storyline of this blog is about taking your driving test but the principles can be applied to many of the other tasks that you may do in your life.

If you are actually wanting to take your DVLC Driving Test and don’t think you are ready yet then either speak to your instructor and/or consult Google to find out any details.

For further reading on driving click on the link https://www.aviva.co.uk/aviva-view/your-things/secret-to-passing-your-driving-test/


If you think you are ready, and especially if this is not your first attempt then read on…

Driving Test – Fail, Fail, Fail – PASS

This story is about how I worked with a good friend who suffered with ‘exam nerves’ and helped her to pass the test after three failed attempts. On the fourth, with my mentoring she finally got her driver’s licence.

I am not an official driving instructor, and it was not my ability to teach the fundamentals of driving to her, but but my empathetic approach as a mentor/coach.


I believe the story sums up the vast difference a mentor/coach can make. I appreciate and am humbled by her testimony.

Here in her own words is how achieving her goal made her feel:

Even after being taught for many months by a licensed instructor from a well-known company, I could not pass my driving test. I dropped the classes and consulted a good friend. David Andrew was enthusiastic to help. He was kind enough to let me learn in his car! It was already miles better knowing that I could trust my new instructor.

David is calm, patient and very encouraging as a teacher. Not only is he very aware of the traffic rules (which helped both my theory and built confidence while on the road), but he was fully invested in my journey as a driver. It helped that we could chat while driving which provided a relaxing atmosphere; at the same time, he was very serious when giving feedback if I made any mistakes which could ultimately cause me to fail the test and to be a hazard to myself or other drivers and passengers.

On the driving test day, I drove David’s car, and he was seated in the back seat out of my rear-view mirror sight. The examiner in the front. I passed my test in my fourth attempt and my first try after being taught by David.

I am incredibly grateful to David and thoroughly recommend him not just as a driving coach, but as a life coach too.

Julie H

Life is full of tests and challenges and will test your metal.

It is crucial to have a positive mindset to overcome the nerves, fear, and stress to pass any test that life throws at you. This may be driving, or getting through an interview for a job or even applying for a visa and getting it granted.

The word test, exam and interview can send shivers down the spine for some. Remember, the verdict depends on how you interact with those words.

The crucial thing is you must prepare. You must be clear on the benefits of achieving a positive result.

License to Drive

Here getting your driver’s license is the freedom to transport whenever and wherever you want. It is the independence and the fun you strive to achieve by having your car and perhaps carry passengers too.

Driving Forward

What will it take you to pass an exam, test and, interview?

My Six Recommendations

  1. Make a quality decision to pass.
  2. Prepare and be thorough.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  4. Filter out the negative conversation you have with yourself.
  5. Focus, concentrate and relax.
  6. Even if the outcome is that you fail to pass, it is not the end of the world. The fact is that you can always have another try.

What Are You Driving At?

Do not waste time, money and feel disheartened but read about my Speed Coaching and Individual Coaching and see if I could be of help.

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10 thoughts on “6 Steps to Pass Your Driving Test”

    1. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.
      What part of the blog did grab your attention ? How did it speak to you as a driving instructing organisation?
      I too would appreciate your response.
      Thank you 🙏🏽

    1. Thank you, Juliana, for your comments and sharing with your colleagues.

      I just browsed your website UDrive Intensive. And, you help drivers build their confidence. That’s awesome.

      I understand that you might not have seen this kind of driving instructions before. But I help people pass all kinds of test.

      I am a mindset coach and mentor. I helped my client to pass her test the first time after her previous three failed attempts.

      I quickly assessed her mental blockage and worked with her enabling to get over those nerves and fears.

      She used my car and she and her family were extremely delighted by her success.

      So if nerves, fear or lack of confidence grips people I love working with them to help them overcome those issues.

      I too was one of them who lacked confidence and was very timid.

      So I understand when people experience those feelings which enables me to empathize with them and help them.

  1. Once we made a decision to do something in our life or set up a goal to achieve, we have to focus, put effort, practice, during the process we may face challenges, self-doubting, want to give up, at this time we need people with lots of experience and positive mindset to support & guide us.
    Great article, please keep on posting as I really enjoy reading your blogs. 🙂

  2. Awesome testimony!!! I love the word patience in her testimony. You have shown her the productivity comes when we face our failures with calm, collective & patiently. You pointed her in that direction and she got the results. Hope we all can learn from this. Failure is not an option but an opportunity to try again till you succeed. 😊

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