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Is your life not taking you where you want to go?
Do you feel stuck or it seems you are hitting a brick wall?
Would you like to stop going around in circles and move forward?
See how I can help you...

Hi there! I'm David Andrew...

I live in Birmingham and am a qualified ILM (Institute of Leadership Management) Coach, Mentor and Speaker.

I specialise in coaching business professionals and graduates.
Some people describe me as energetic, optimistic, inspiring, highly motivational and even wise!

However, this was not a description of me several years ago. Until then, I had little or no confidence, low self-esteem, and I felt my life was rid of failures and inadequacies.

Since then, I have turned my life around and live a successful life.

I understand your challenges, and I have the experience and the expertise to help you. And, when you enter into a transitional coaching journey with me, you will be able to measure your progress during each session. You will feel assured, confident, and the goals you set will be within your reach.

Let us meet up online for a video chat and find out if coaching is right for you.

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Alva Chang
I felt a sense of achievement in work and self-confidence.
I feel confident and learnt to manage stress quickly.
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